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Got inspiration? Inspire others….

Inspiration…a noun, right? According to definition, yes, but I also see it as a verb, a state of being. Similar to happiness, this is something that needs constant action. It is an exchange of energy requiring presence between myself and those around me and/or the environment surrounding me. Admittedly, there are days when the search…… Continue reading Got inspiration? Inspire others….

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Oh hello there, shadow side….

There is an unexpected outcome that has resulted from my writing. While I am so grateful and happy that this blog is helping others, it is actually helping me more. I guess that is a by-product of when we provide care, right? We heal some sort of personal wound or find some sort of personal closure within…… Continue reading Oh hello there, shadow side….

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The Importance of a Morning Ritual

I have always been a morning person. There is something very inspiring about waking up right before sunrise and being apart of the quiet, slow rising and renewal that a new day brings. When I worked nights, the 500 am rush of patient tests, assessments and physician rounds gave me a sense of peace and fulfillment that…… Continue reading The Importance of a Morning Ritual